I tried Flintstones vitamins.  I didn’t feel any better but I could stop the car with my feet.

Bible Reading Plan August 2019

Thursday, August 1:

  • Romans 3

  Friday, August 2:

  • Romans 4

  Saturday, August 3:

  • Romans 5:1-11

  Sunday, August 4:

  • Romans 5:12-21


Monday, August 5:
  • Romans 6

  Tuesday, August 6:

  • Romans 7

  Wednesday, August 7:

  • Romans 8:1-18


August 2019 Calendar of Events

Aug 4          Colby Childers’ Going Away Party @ 7 pm
Aug 10         Men’s Breakfast @ 8 am
Aug 11         Pray for Bridge City Schools @ 5 pm
                    Orangefield ISD Prayer Walk @ 6 pm
                    Men’s Meeting @ 7 pm
Aug 17        Church Workday @ 8 am
Aug 20        Ladies’ Meeting @ 7 pm
Aug 25        Promotion Sunday
                   Back to School Bash:  Epic School Battle @ 5 pm

July 2019 Calendar of Events

July 2          Regal Summer Movie Express @ 10 am
                   VBS Decorating Party @ 6 pm
July 4          Church Office Closed for Independance Day
July 7          VBS (6-9 pm)
July 8          VBS (6-9 pm)
July 9          VBS (6-9 pm)
                    Area Men’s Fellowship @ FCC Vidor
July 10        VBS (6-9 pm)
July 11        VBS (6-9 pm)


Bible Reading Plan July 2019

Monday, July 1:

  • Acts 10:25-48

  Tuesday, July 2:

  • Acts 11

  Wednesday, July 3:

  • Acts 12

  Thursday, July 4:

  • Acts 13:1-12

  Friday, July 5:

  • Acts 13:13-52

  Saturday, July 6:

  • Acts 14

  Sunday, July 7:

  • Acts 15:1-21


Bible Reading Plan June 2019

Saturday, June 1:

  • John 13:1-20

  Sunday, June 2:

  • John 13:21-38


Monday, June 3:
  • John 14

  Tuesday, June 4:

  • John 15

  Wednesday, June 5:

  • John 16:1-15

  Thursday, June 6:

  • John 16:16-33


June 2019 Calendar of Events

June 2          Pray for the President Day
June 4         Movie Clubhouse
June 5         LifeShare Blood Drive
June 7         Zerko-Kithcens Wedding Rehearsal
June 8         Men’s Breakfast  (8 am)
                    Zerko-Kitchens Wedding (Noon)



In the 2009’s Tyson, a documentary about the life of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Tyson is remembered for being one of the most feared boxers of all time, not just for his knockout punch—he knocked out 44 of his 50 losing opponents—but also for his anger, his unpredictability, and the impression that he was a powerful man wildly out of control. In 1992, he was convicted of raping Desiree Washington, for which he spent three years prison. In the movie he admits abusing women. In a fight against Evander Holyfield he bit off part of Holyfield’s ear. In the film Tyson admits that he has at times been on the brink of insanity.

The director of the documentary, 64-year-old James Toback, confesses to having something in common with Holyfield. He too has walked the edge. He almost died once from an LSD trip that lasted eight days. Toback says, “[Tyson] turns out to be as complicated and crazy as I am.”


My Story, Our Story

The early church had a stormy relationship with the wicked and powerful Roman government.  Cycles of severe persecution interrupted by tenuous peace recurred at the whim of the emperor.  Romans officials, ignorant of the actual teachings and practices of true Christians, often acted out of bigotry, fear, superstition, or misinformation.  The royal court assumed that the growing Christian church operated along the same lines as their own greedy religions. The emperor, coveting the wealth these Christians must surely possess, summoned their head bishop to the royal court and ordered him to produce “the treasures of the church.” 


May 2019 Calendar of Events

May 1          Volunteers @ BC-OF Ministerial Alliance
May 2          National Day of Prayer Event @ Bridge City Park – 11:30 am
May 6          Volunteers @ BC-OF Ministerial Alliance
May 8          Volunteers @ BC-OF Ministerial Alliance
                    Area Preacher’s Lunch – 11:30 am
May 11         Men’s Breakfast – 8 am
May 12         Mother’s Day