Bible Reading Plan October 2017

Read the following during the month of October at your own pace:

  • Psalms (3 chapters per week)
  • Proverbs (1 chapter per day)
  • John (entire book for month)
  • 1,2, 3 John (entire book for month)
  • Revelation (entire book for month)

Thank You

Hello everyone and recovery is continuing!  I am so thankful for all those who have brought so many supplies that we needed.  To all those volunteers who have gave countless hours rescuing, unloading supplies, working in homes, housing those displaced, and many other things that are not coming to my mind right now.  You all have truly been Jesus to our community.  Thank you again!


How Do You Spell Puma

Teacher:  How do you spell puma?


Student:  P-O-O-M-A.


Teacher:  The dictionary spells it P-U-M-A.


Student:  You didn’t ask me how the dictionary spells it.  You asked me how I spell it.

Bible Reading Plan September 2017

Read the following at your own pace for September:

  • Psalms (3 chapters per week)
  • Proverbs (1 chapter per day)
  • Hosea (entire book for month)
  • Joel (entire book for month)
  • Amos (entire book for month)
  • Obediah (entire book for month)
  • Jonah (entire book for month)
  • Micah (entire book for month)
  • Nahum (entire book for month)
  • Habakkuk (entire book for month)
  • Zephaniah (entire book for month)
  • Haggai (entire book for month)
  • Zechariah (entire book for month)
  • Malachi (entire book for month)

I Got a 100 Today

Boy:  I got a hundred in school today.

Father:  That’s great!  What did you get a hundred in?

Boy:  Two things.  I got 50 in spelling and 50 in arithmetic.

Back to Church Sunday

Back to Church Sunday is coming up on September 17. We’re having a special service specifically designed to welcome people back to church, so now is a good time to start praying about who you will invite. Eight out of ten people say they are open to visiting church if invited. That’s powerful! Imagine how our community can be transformed if everyone here invited at least one person to come to church.


School Bus

Today we spend $60,000 for a school bus to pick up the kids right at the door so they don’t have to walk.  Then we spend over a million dollars for a gym so the kids can get some exercise.


According to Statistics

According to statistics, last year over 23-million American families paid a lot of money for things that looked funny and didn’t work.  Three million of those were antiques, the rest were college students.


God’s Got This

Good Friday morning to you!  I know some may be thinking, good, have you watched the news lately, how can we call what is going on good!  But today is good, because God’s Got This!


There once was a small boy who sailed his toy boat on a pond.  The boat floated out of his reach, and he appealed to a larger boy to help him.  This boy, without saying a word, picked up rocks and began throwing them out near the boat. 


You Owe $0.00

A Kansas man received a computerized bill from a store showing that he owed “$00.00.”  He discarded it.


The next month he received another bill stating, “This account is now past due.”  He circled the zeros and returned it.


A few days later came a scorching computer letter exhorting him to pay his debt of $00.00.  The man finally mailed a check in the amount of $00.00.  He received no further pleas from the store.