COVID-19 Information

Due to the recent COVID-19 Guidance updates from the CDC, the following operational changes have been implemented at First Christian Church Orangefield effective immediately:
• No On-Campus Activities, Meeting, Classes, or Programs will be meeting including but not limited to Children’s Ministry, Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night Youth Activities, Adult Sunday School Classes, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry.
• The March 22 and March 29 Worship Services will be live streamed on Facebook Live. You can access the Live Stream through the First Christian Church Orangefield Facebook page (


1 Week No Complaints Challenge

This past Sunday we talked about the Art of Gratefulness and I issued a challenge to everyone.  And I want to issue that challenge to you again today. 
I think it is really going to be something that will help you this week.  And I want you to, if you will, accept our one week no-complaints challenge.  


Bible Reading Plan March 2020

☐ 1 Num. 16-18 Ps. 26 Luke 4

☐ 2 Num. 19-21 Prov. 26 Luke 5

☐ 3 Num. 22-23 Ps. 27 Luke 6

☐ 4 Num. 24-26 Prov. 27 Luke 7

☐ 5 Reflect on God as Redeemer


March 2020 Calendar of Events

March 8            Daylight Savings Time Begins
                        Men’s Business Meeting 
March 10           Area Men’s Fellowship @ 6:30 pm
March 14           Men’s Breakfast @ 8 am
March 15-18      Revial at Vidor with David Johnson


Beaux Tate

My dog, Beaux Tate, was in the back window of our house and he saw a rabbit and he is barking.  He kept his eye on that rabbit and when I let him out into the backyard, he continued to look for that rabbit that had long ran away.  But that did not deter him, he just kept looking in that direction and barking. 


How Are Your Children

Two friends who hadn’t seen each other in years met in a supermarket.  One woman asked, “Tell me Ruth, how is your son George?”

“He’s getting along fine,” Ruth replied.  “He’s a poet.  He just received his master’s degree in literature from the university.”

“And what about Mary?”

“She’s just as smart as George,” Ruth replied.  “She graduated from college with a degree in modern art.”


February 2020 Calendar of Events

Feb 2          Dave Melton Family Singers Concert (10 AM)
                  Evans’ Baby Shower (11:30 AM)
                  Super Bowl Party (5 PM)
Feb 5          Preacher’s Lunch (11:30 AM)
Feb 8          Men’s Breakfast (8 AM)


Bible Reading Plan February 2020

☐ 1 Ex. 25-26 Ps. 14 Matt. 23
☐ 2 Ex. 27-28 Prov. 14 Matt. 24

☐ 3 Ex. 29-30 Ps. 15 Matt. 25

☐ 4 Ex. 31-32 Prov. 15 Matt. 26

☐ 5 Reflect on God as Lord of All


Shark Fishing

A priest was walking along the cliffs at Dover when he came upon two locals pulling another man ashore on the end of a rope.  “That’s what I like to see,” said the priest, “a man helping his fellow man.”

As he was walking away, one local remarked to the other, “Well, he sure doesn’t know the first thing about shark fishing.”

Now That’s Cheap

My Uncle Irv is so cheap he sends one Christmas card out each year – in the form of a chain letter.