1 Week No Complaints Challenge

This past Sunday we talked about the Art of Gratefulness and I issued a challenge to everyone.  And I want to issue that challenge to you again today. 
I think it is really going to be something that will help you this week.  And I want you to, if you will, accept our one week no-complaints challenge.  

Here’s the deal.  If you can take this challenge with me today and commit this week that you are going to focus in on who God is and what He’s done for you, instead of complaining, it takes a lot of energy to complain, and for one week you are going to accept this challenge and see what God might really do in and through your life, because you are going to lay the complaining aside and see what He does. 


I think we can expect some powerful things to happen in our lives if we take this challenge.  If you will do that, go ahead and commit to that this week and say—this week, I am going to follow through with you and we are going to take this no complaints challenge.  I am going to lay those complaints aside and I am going to focus in on who God is and what He’s done. 

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