Christ Is Risen

Christ is risen!  This proclamation isn’t just an event that we celebrate on Easter Sunday.  It is our Christian battle cry!
Christ is risen!  Notice the present tense is.  This isn’t an event in the past.  It is an ever-present happening that fuels our living and vibrant faith!  Christ is alive and working through you and me!  Christ is!  Right now!  Hallelujah!
The significance of the Resurrection as a historical event is simply incredible.  It is the cornerstone of our spiritual substance.  Christ’s resurrection galvanized his reluctant, disbelieving disciples.  Out of their disillusionment emerged a recommitted group who carried Christianity to the four corners of the world.
The importance of the Resurrection as a continuing event for today, tomorrow, and forever after is even more profound.  It is victory over death.  It is the promise of new life.  And it is our commitment to share this extraordinary news to which each of us should rededicate ourselves to.
Christ is risen!  Today!  Tomorrow!  Always!  Even unto the end of the world!  Hallelujah!

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