Happy New Year & Classes Starting Back

New Year with Classes Starting Back


Happy new year to our church!  As this new year begins, let us all give thanks for our part in the ministry of Jesus Christ. It is his church, his mission, and his salvation. What is done here is because God found us, imperfect as we are, and brought us together so that his word could continue to become flesh and dwell among us.


So, what has happened? Well, the pandemic and hurricanes top the list of things that happened this year.  The most recorded named storms during our hurricane season.  We have lost some loved ones that we cared so much for and it changed the way we honored them in death.  We learned that the church is not a building, but it is us, we are His church.  Even when we could not meet in person we were still meeting.  Who would have thought that we would be doing online services when we began 2020. 
As we come to the end of 2020, we are currently having Sunday School and Worship on Sundays, with our Worship also streaming online.  Then on January 3, 2021, we will also start back with our Sunday Evening services and Wednesday night classes.  We will be social distancing and would like all our students in those classes to wear masks, especially in small classrooms. We are also going to start back with Children’s Church and nursery as well.  


I am so looking forward to 2021 and serving alongside each of you.  This has been a challenging year with everything that has happened and the changes that have taken place but, remember God is still on the throne and Jesus Christ is still our Lord.  He has great things planned for us in 2021!  Come join us as we serve Him together.

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