Let’s Have Some Fun

One Halloween night, a neighborhood practical joker decided to frighten the young trick-or-treaters who rang his doorbell.  He put on a floor-length black cape, a black hat fitted with devil’s horns, and a hideous mask that seemed to combine the most gruesome features of Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man.  Then he waited.


Finally, his doorbell rang.  He turned off all the lights and shining a flashlight on his mask, he opened the door and pierced the night air with an eerie scream

Then he looked down and saw standing before him a tiny, golden-haired five-year-old, dressed as a dainty fairy.  The little type stared wide-eyed for a moment.


Then she raised her eyes up along the massive black cape, looked straight into the hideous mask, smiled and said, “Is your mommy home?”

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