Thank You

Hello everyone and recovery is continuing!  I am so thankful for all those who have brought so many supplies that we needed.  To all those volunteers who have gave countless hours rescuing, unloading supplies, working in homes, housing those displaced, and many other things that are not coming to my mind right now.  You all have truly been Jesus to our community.  Thank you again!

This Sunday we are going to begin a brand new sermon series, “Breaking Point: Finding God in a Cold and Dark World.”  We will be looking at the prophet Habakkuk and see what answers can we find in his short book.


This would be a wonderful time to invite a friend or even a stranger to come with you as we try to find God in this cold and dark world in which we live in.  We also have the Hobo Stew on October 22

nd and Trunk or Treat on October 29th

that would be great times to invite a friend as well.  So, bring someone with you and I hope to see you on Sunday!

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