VBS Prayer Vigil Guide

VBS Prayer Vigil Guide

July 21, 2016


Begin by asking God to clear your mind of all outside distractions.  Place all of you thoughts and your spirit with the adults volunteering in VBS and the children who are coming to participate in our week of VBS.


Be silent a few seconds and begin to feel His presence with you.  Pray as if you are taking to your best friend.  Ask Him to bless the building, the grounds, and all the things used to bring those present to an understanding of who Jesus is and the need they have for Him.

Pray for the VBS director (Mike Sullivan).  Ask for God’s guidance as he leads and that God will help him accomplish the objectives he has established and solve anything that might arise.  Lead him to serve you to his full capacity.


Pray for the VBS Co-director (Cameron Childers) in much the same way.


Pray for each of the station leaders as they lead and that they would be God’s instrument this week.

  • Sing & Play Rock (Mike Sullivan & Sean Edgerton)
  • Cave Quest Closing (Mike Sullivan)
  • Preschool (Lindsay Edwards, Tammie Willey & Rebecca Shafer)
  • Deep Bible Quests (Kathy Tillman & Peggy Alford)
  • Spelunker Sports & Games (Glen Childers & Della Alford)
  • Cavern Café (Peggy Granger, Gayla Nugent & Barbara Blackwell)
  • Imagination Station (Glenda Sullivan)
  • KidVid Cinema (Andrew King & Natalie King)


Pray for each of the crew leaders as they lead and that they would be God’s instrument this week.

  • Brandi Clark
  • Mike Clark
  • Betty Childers
  • Ruby Holley
  • Luther Willey
  • Jennifer Swift
  • Judy LeBlanc
  • Ronnie Russell
  • Josh Chandler


Pray all those who are teaching.  Pray that they remember whom they represent, lay down self, and glorify God.


Pray for the Bible lessons . . . for the message it is to give, for the giver, and for each person who hears, that they may hear according to their need.


Pray for the children:

  • The ones uneasy in the setting,
  • The ones who cannot sleep,
  • The ones forced to come,
  • The ones looking for magic not Jesus,
  • The ones who are open and receiving.


Pray for fun and fellowship that will warm hearts and keep focused on God.


Pray for the crew leaders and station leaders that they do not tire.  Pray for their renewed strength.


Pray for the closing program and all those who are participating in the program.  Pray for our outreach to the kids parents. 


Pray for the new children and parents we will meet this week will be moved to come and visit our church services.


And lastly, give it all to our Lord, who sees and knows, asking for His blessing and presence with everyone connected-not only those mentioned, but families, and the change for the church and community.


End by praising and thanking God for the opportunity He has given you to talk to Him on behalf of His children.